Are castellated beams more expensive than standard joists?

NO! Actually castellated beams are just as cost effective as a standard joist system.

Can you do metal deck roofs and hybrid roof systems with castellated beams?

Yes, castellated beams work for both systems.

What is the maximum length of castellated beams?

60′ spans are the maximum length, but we can span 70′ speed bays in warehouses by turning the girders.

What are the lead times for castellated beams?

4-5 months for most projects.

How many square feet can be covered in a day?

We average around 12,000 to 15,000 square feet per day.

Why are castellated beams better than standard steel joist?

Castellated beams are often preferred over standard steel joists because they can achieve longer spans without increasing the depth of the beam, which can be beneficial in structural applications where headroom is limited or aesthetic considerations are important. They can be stronger than a standard joist, and they are less expensive in most cases compared to a standard joist.